Membership Information

 The Base Annual Membership dues will be as follows:

(a.) Active Members
General Contractors - $500.00 per year
Subcontractors - $400.00 per year

(b.) Associates Members
Suppliers and Manufacturers - $350.00 per year
Architects/Engineers/Associations/and others - $300.00 per year

Click below to download a printable NEPCA Membership Application:

membership application.pdf

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As from our last fiscal year, in addition to the above base annual membership dues, Active Members shall be divided into two sub-categories, Contributing Active Members and Non-Contributing Active Members.

A Contributing Active Member shall be a member who has agreed to be bound by the Industry Advancement Fund provision of a Collective Bargaining Agreement to which NEPCA is a signatory, or who voluntarily agrees to contribute the sum per hour provided in NEPCAs Industry Advancement Fund Agreement for a specified group of employees employed by it. As a further condition, in order to be classified as a Contributing Active Member the member must contribute a minimum of $1,000.00 per year.

A Non-Contributing Active Member is a member which does not make Industry Advancement Fund contributions.

The advantages of being a Contributing Active Member as opposed to a Non-Contributing Active Member are as follows:

 A Contributing Active Member shall be entitled to the following benefits:


B.   SAFETY SERVICES AND SEMINARS - To be able to send two employees without charge, to each of the seminars sponsored by NEPCA, with additional representatives being charged at only the actual cost of the seminar;


D.   PLAN ROOM SERVICES - Includes the use of the plan room, blue print services, copier services, the newsletter, etc;



G.   ALONG WITH, such other services and benefits as NEPCA may from time to time provide.

 The above services are all as outlined in our brochure. (If you would like a copy of our brochure, please let us know.)


A Non-Contributing Active Member shall be entitled to the following benefits:

 A.   PLAN ROOM SERVICES - Includes the use of the plan room, blue print services, copier services, the newsletter, etc;

B.   PARTICIPATION in NEPCAs seminars at NEPCAs actual cost, per employee attending.

These changes were made in the 1996-97 fiscal year, in order to allow NEPCA to continue our every day operation along with educating our members in the ever changing construction industry by sponsoring Safety Services and Seminars monthly, also with other benefits we feel are advantageous to our members.

We ask that you please review the following enclosed material and base your membership decision on what would be most beneficial to your company. Please fill out the following membership application and return it with your membership check.

Should you have any questions concerning the enclosed material, please do not hesitate to call us.

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